Not unlike a scowl

by Roger's Arsenal

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The Arsenal is :
Beth - bass, vocals
Matt - drums
Mitch - guitar
Roger - vocals, guitar


released July 28, 2014

All songs written by Roger Arseneault
All songs performed by The Arsenal

Recorded and produced by : #7Delight Records
Mastered by : Noah Mintz at



all rights reserved


Roger's Arsenal Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Track Name: A Trusting Word
A trusting word

could you not understand
everyone who knew you
said that they loved you

How did you go all wrong
you trusted their words
and you look over to the edge

you went always overboard
that's when you walked over to the edge

Now they tell me about
seeing you on the street
you looked like you're angry
angry at something(it would seem)

When i heard about
how vulgar you were
my heart broke in 2
when I realized you're gone

you went always overboard
you looked over the edge

then you leapt over the edge
Track Name: Killer

In other words, you've got no problem talking about what you do
no other words, will ever describe you better then what you know
you can't define who you are with the rules
successful, endeavors, will be you decline…of it all

they'll never gain your respect
by shoving thoughts down your neck
making you loose self respect
of all that comes next

your a killer, you've got no problems taking what is not yours
still a killer, even though you think you're passing on you're great words
you can't deny you've gone to far with your words
don't sell me, your product, will be your decline…of it all

When you fall, when you fall
don't let it seep in.

It's gone to far, they've gone to far,
making you buy.

what they sell, is a spell
they make you die inside

so when you fall, and you will fall
don't let it seep in

you're a killer it's what you are
you're a killer in disguise.
Track Name: Could Live Out
I could live out loud

I could live out loud, I wish you could see it somehow
can you read my brow, it's not unlike a scowl

I've been looking up, from what I've been reading
the past keeps coming up, In all I've been writing

we're still moving on we're not of this world
somehow something needs to change
we're not standing still, we're not of this word
somehow something needs to change
I wish somehow we could leave it all

If I could push new ground, you can do it as well
this is what I found, fear is a watery well

If you keep bringing up, the past you've created
If you keep digging up, You'll see they're not related

I wish the past could roll back into me
pick it apart and throw it out
Instead of becoming my enemy
I wish somehow we could leave it all.